Series Sela5 O/W – Orient/Occident

We look from the perspective of the Orient and from the perspective of the Occident. We see the emotions, the truths and the temptations of an urban surrounding. We arrange these views on a simple grid of lines. We see them new and different. We learn something about ourselves.

The series O/W – Orient/Occident contains 6 pictures in the format DIN A0 (841 x 1189 mm). The print edition is 10 copies, plus one artist’s copy (AP). Done as „digital print“. The price of a complete series is 500 EUR. For single pictures the price is 100 EUR. Single pictures are limited available only from Edition 10/10. Contact:

Sela5/2 – Solo-Exhibition Fyodor Moon


Friends of Fyodor are proud to be able to show some pictures of the opening of the solo exhibition of Fyodor Moon. Take a look:

Here we publish a text (in German language) by Jörg Möller about the pictures of Fyodor Moon: „Bewegungsunschärfe“.

„Bewegungsunschärfe“ – Zu den Bildern von Fyodor Moon
Jörg Möller

Viel wissen wir nicht von dem nun seit 2013 verschollenen Fotografen.

So lange war er noch nie weg – oder wäre es besser zu sagen: unterwegs? Aber: wir wissen nicht, ob er überhaupt noch unterwegs ist… . Bis heute gibt es kein Lebenszeichen von ihm.

Was wir wissen: „Sela5/2 – Solo-Exhibition Fyodor Moon“ weiterlesen


Rhopography (1999-2003) depicts still lifes of dead insects and deteriorating fruit. It is inspired by photographic thinking evident in the history of painting and examines conceptual links between photography and Baroque still lifes when painters used a camera obscura to construct their images.